Effi - Canada

Beautiful, healthy vibrant green, nicely packaged olive plants! Amazing plants, great addition to my plant collection ! Thank you, love them!!!!

Jassal - India

The plants delivered and they are amazing! I plant them on my backyard to grow them. Thank you!!

Chun-ja - South Korea

We love our new olive plants. Healthy and beautiful! Everyone visitng our home ask for one olive plant too!

Fannia - UK

Pretty plants, extremely happy for my purchase! Look beautiful repotted and on my windowsill!!

Thomas - USA

Absolutely, the best quality and package!! Items arrived in just 4 days and passed through custoums without any issues!!!!Amazing!!!

Our company

On 2016 Vasileios Tsipas from Kamari Korinthias continuing his family tradition, founds Tsipas Green Investments Group with main purpose the production, sales and redistribution agricultural products.

In 2018 we proudly announced our first full functional and packaged olive tree, in bonsai shape, in the world, under the branding PlantBox. Plantbox is a result of years of research

Due to his strategic research and scientific knowledge combined with creativity and passion, founder and owner of the company Tsipas Vasileios, managed to excell all around Europe in 2017, by the European commision's management department about agricultural development, as the most hope-bringing young entrepreneur in agricultural product multiplication. With his revolutionary product 'PlantBox', managed to get the 1st place in the Athens Startup Awards 2018 Contest, hosted by Attika Administrative Region and ACCI Greece

Our infrastructure is located in the Xylokastro, Corinth area, in Rethi and Kamari villages. Our products are distributed via our sales network and partners all around Greece and 20 countries around the world.



Revolutionary Agriculture

Our first prize

Athens Startup Awards 2018

Focus on aesthetics

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Our product

After 8 years of constant research and experimenting and having as background decades of family experience, Plantbox was born. Plantbox is the first fully standarised and packaged olive tree in the world! Produced by pieces of greek olive trees, with all the necessary specifications, with modern multiplication, grouth, packaging and preserving techniques. Inside an original, enviromental friendly and high aesthetics packaging made of recyclable materials manufactured in Greece. Our packaging manages to sustain the plant alive without water or sun for up to 58 days.

Our product is focused not only to those of you who wish to obtain and adopt their own tree, but also to those of you who seek for interesting and original gifts. By giving a PlantBox to somebody you do not simply give a tree. You also give a piece of greek soil, greek history and greek culture

Our product is highly appreciated from people all arround the world. Some of the countries, we've sent to, are Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Ireland, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Estonia, Scotland, Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Tongo, China, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India and more.

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