Plantbox Product Photograph

About our Product

After 8 years of constant research, experimentation and having decades of family experience and background in the field, lead to the genesis of Plantbox©.

Plantbox© is not just a tree.
It's a piece of Greek Soil, Greek History and Greek Culture.

Plantbox© is the first fully standardised and packaged olive tree in the world!

Produced by pieces of greek olived trees, with all the necessary specifications, with modern multiplication, growth, packaging and preserving techniques.

Inside an original, environmentally friendly and highly aesthetically pleasing packaging, made of recyclable materials manufactured in Greece.
Our Packaging manages to sustain the plant alive without water or sun for up to 58 days.

Plantbox is not focused to those who wish to adopt a plant, but also, to those who seek an interesting and original gift.
By giving a Plantbox to somebody you love, you hand out a piece of Greek Soil, Greek History and Culture.

Our Product is highly appreciated from people all around the world. Some of the countries we've sent to are Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Ireland, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Estonia, Scotland, Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Tongo, China, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India and more

Beautiful & Simple

It all started with an olive tree been sent as a souvenir to Canada.

Beautiful Packaging

Wrapped in an original, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing package.

Greek Olive Trees

Produced by Greek olive trees, with all state of the art agricultural techniques.